Experience in Many Areas of Law

The Law Office of Gary L. Brunke's Practice Areas

From representing you when you’re going through a divorce to having your back when you’re facing criminal charges, the Law Office of Gary L. Brunke in Palatine, IL is here to help. For over 31 years, we’ve been helping clients in the area, face their legal matters with confidence. Browse our areas of practice of law below and then call us at (630) 903-4097 toschedule an initial consultation.

Family Law: When it comes to matters of the family, legal challenges can be overwhelming. The Law Office of Gary L. Brunke is here to offer legal support during this emotional time. We can help you with the following areas of family law:

Paternity cases: If you’re seeking clarity on a child’s paternity, it may be in your best interest to speak with a lawyer to achieve resolution.
Divorce cases: Divorces can get messy. That’s why you should turn to an attorney to represent you and seek the best outcome possible.
Child responsibility: After a divorce, it’s often the child that suffers the most. Consult a lawyer who will always put your child’s needs first to help establish custody or a visitation schedule that is in his/her best interests.
• Child support: Ensure that you and your child are getting the financial support you deserve. Gary L. Brunke is on your side.

Criminal Defense:
Facing criminal charges is scary. At the Law office of Gary L. Brunke, we strongly believe that innocence should precede guilt. That’s why we will meet with you to discuss your case and help you understand your options. Our goal is to get your charges reduced or dropped completely.

Explore our criminal law areas:

Drug crimes
Violent crimes
Burglary and robbery
Sex crimes
Domestic violence and stalking
Weapons offenses

Bankruptcy Law:
Have you lost control of your finances and looking for options? The Law Office of Gary L. Brunke is here to help. We will help you navigate chapter 7 and 13 law if bankruptcy seems to be the only option. We will assist you through the process of filing and seek to help you reach financial stability for you and your family. Don’t wait until it’s too late. If you’re dealing with financial challenges, turn to a lawyer you can trust.

Estate Planning:
It’s never too soon to plan for your future. Having a lawyer on your side that can help you plan for you and your family’s futures. From making sure you have the right documents in place, such as a will or trust, to executing your estate plan after your death, the Law Office of Gary L. Brunke is here to help!

Real Estate Law:
Buying or selling real estate should be an exciting time. Safeguard your investments by turning to a lawyer with real estate law. With 31 years of experience, Gary L. Brunke knows the ins and outs of Palatine, IL real estate. We can create legal documents, review contracts and make sure you’re aware of your options.